The following is a brief resume of what is involved, for the mines to begin to operate again to their full capacity.

Machines for drilling have rusted up

Pumps are rusting, as they have stood  in water for 5 months

Winch ropes need to be replaced

All forms of underground support has weakened

Miners will have to be re: trained to do their work

Medical fitness tests have to be conducted

Examinations of all working areas to be reconducted

Mining shaft examinations have to take place

Material on surface has to be replaced and retested

Costs involved escalate as there are between 3 to 4 months before any production can take place as plants that are depleted, or shut down.

Contracts need to be renegotiated.


The above is just some of what it will take to get our mines to full capacity production.  Let us pray today that God will do a Miracle of restoration, that it would just be so speedy and easy.  We needsupernatural intervention!!!

If there is no divine intervention, production may only begin in December which is South Africa’s main holiday season.  This could be disastrous for the South African economy.

Today, we PRAISE JEHOVAH, for a complete restoration of the mining industry, its people and its leaders, their turning in repentance to you oh God, and the removal of the one’s that have sought to destroy God’s wealth, Gods people and this land.  Woe to you, Woe to you!!!!!