Here is a corporate prayer that the office of Prophetess Cindy Jacobs of Generals of Intercession released over South Africa.  Let’s be in agreement today, as we pray this together:


We BREAK THE CHAINS OFF SOUTH AFRICA RIGHT NOW, IN THE NAME OF JESUS!  The prince of darkness must flee, now.  The Light has come.  No darkness can stand in the presence of Light.  The government of South Africa stands on the shoulders of Jesus Christ.  Corruption, you must go!  NOW!  We call forth an ending of corruption, and a swift justice to come upon that land!  Bring forth the Royal Robes of Righteousness for those who are prepared to put them on!  Let righteousness rule in the streets of every part of South Africa.  Let private property be respected.  Let malnutrition be abolished.  Let the deeds of the flesh die, and the fruit of the Spirit live!!  Every seed of wickedness and witchcraft be abolished in the Name of Jesus!


Lord, FILL SOUTH AFRICA with the Power of Your Holy Spirit.  Abolish corruption on every level, beginning with Your Church, and moving right up to the highest in governmental authority.  Bring all authority not submitted to Your authority to its knees.  In the Name of Jesus!  AMEN!

Keep pressing in dear warrior, we are at the  tipping point of victory, we will see a speedy resolution, we will see justice and righteousness, repentance and God’s order restored.