2017 Word of the Lord!

Our team of prophets began seeking the Lord in November of 2016 as to what His word is for the current year. Due to the content submitted we have chosen to divide the word into two categories, which are as follows:

  • The Body of Christ, the Church
  • South Africa as our Nation

We received the word CONTEND which forms the basis of our word. The Body of Christ and the Nation is in a place where we are going to have to contend for our faith on all frontiers.


            A. THE CHURCH

2017 is a year where the Body of Christ is going to have to CONTEND and war in the spirit for their spiritual walk, alignment and mantle. The body is in a place where those that have not built their house on the rock will continue to yield to the lukewarm / compromising spirit. Therefore the division between the wheat and the tares will become more visible.

Those that have built upon a righteous foundation and have sought for the rulership of the Kingdom of God, those that have prepared their hearts in this day will be the one’s who will encounter a new release of the Holy Spirit. New mandates and assignments will be released upon the body, individually and corporately.


The five-fold ministry will be tested as never before. The old order needs to be laid down as a new season of birthing arises. Leaders are to discern the new season that is upon the church and prepare their people accordingly.

  • It is a season of even greater Glory being poured out upon the earth.
  • It is a season of the preparation of the bride in holiness.
  • It is a season of the new wineskin.
  • It is a season of prayer, where desire for the Holy place will grow and intensify.
  • It is a season of new strategic alignments, where new relationships and networks are to be formed.
  • It is a season where new mantles will be given to the leaders of His church.
  • It is a season where the Kingdom of God will become more manifest in secular life.

The successes of the past will no longer guarantee the favor, seal and blessing of the Holy Spirit, as to future ministry assignments. It is time to seek and CONTEND for the seal of the Spirit, finding your placement and assignment as we build for the future.

As these mantles are being poured out on the Church, the outworking results in leadership that begin to stand up in the spirit, with a new boldness, and a new fervor.

A fresh wave of God’s spirit begins to hit the leadership of the church, as the power of God is being poured out.

A new sense of Apostolic power and order is returning to the fivefold leadership, whereby the rest of the body will follow suite.

Man-made programs will become a feature of the past, as a new sense of Kingdom order and alignment is being released. We will begin to witness the five-fold Fathers of the faith, RELEASING, previously hidden sons on the earth, which will result in a fresh visitation upon the corporate church. The church will begin to hear of young fresh evangelists, teachers, prophets etc. being raised up. Suddenly these names will appear and many will stand amazed at how God will move through these fresh new leaders.

Many leaders who have been serving in the wrong capacity will return to the marketplace, and many in the marketplace will serve in the local church on a more permanent basis.

            C. THE FIVE FOLD MEASURE2 Corinthians 2:12-14 (metron)

The word of the Lord to leaders in this season: find your metron and enjoy serving in your capacity. Stop comparing your gift to others. Each individual metron has its own flow, and is unique, no two metrons are the same. Keep the vision before you and serve within the borders of the metron and you will begin to experience a new flow with abundant increase and influence.


Former Prophetic words released pertaining to “multiplication of church growth” will manifest in this year. We will begin to experience an explosion of salvation and membership within the local church. Church buildings will have to expand, and new local churches will have to be planted so as to contain the harvest.

            E. THE MARKETPLACE

We will begin to witness a new release of five-fold ministry being raised up in the marketplace. The Kingdom of God within the marketplace will begin to experience a new type of leadership. Leaders will begin to move in the Spirit of Elijah, as we will witness many CEO’S who have an Apostolic-anointing take up their rightful place, which will bring significant change to the way business is conducted. These will be men and woman who walk in the Spirit of Elijah. The old order will die and as a new Kingdom order arises. The Cyrus’s will begin to take their place. A new partnership between leadership of the local church and marketplace ministers will be formed, whereby a new wave of finances will flood the Kingdom of God.


Africa and specifically South Africa is being confronted with four strongholds which are as follows:

  1. Islam
  2. The Chinese influence/takeover
  3. Apartheid
  4. African renaissance – a return to the practice and culture of the forefathers, totally eradicating any western Christian influence

SA will feel the demoniac weight of these strongholds influencing the direction of our country, if we do not stand against this in prayer.


The rebellion and chaos of the last years will continue, as students take their grievances to the streets. The forces behind this rebellion are the strongholds of Islam, racism, poverty and the African renaissance. The spirit of racism will grow stronger in these institutions of learning, making it nearly impossible for healthy relations between various race groups. With a new government in power in 2019, technical colleges and new educational institutions will be reopened.

            F2 – POLITICAL PARTIES

We will experience intense rivalry and hatred amongst the various members of the three main parties in S.A. This will contribute to more and more division, as new leadership begins to arise within each party. Nkosa Dlamini Zuma will be the next president of the ANC, which will divide the ruling party.

God is about to bring a new ORDER OF GOVERNANCE in this nation. Within the near future, a new political party will be formed as a result of the disgruntled ANC members, together with members of other parties. This will bring a new wave of change to our Nation, as we prepare for the 2019 elections.

There will be an assassination attempt on a leading party member, which will shock the nation. This will be as a result of God’s judgement.

We will witness the GUPTA’S emigrating the shores of South Africa, leaving a trail of destruction with them. This will contribute to the break up of the ruling ANC party.

Fuel and Electricity prices will rise, putting more pressure on the South African economy. The ZAR will weaken even more as the US dollar improves. The USA will become a beacon of light for the Nations to look to in this season.


I saw a vision of a mass of ants being released over the cities. These ants symbolized prayer teams that God is about to release over this nation. I see prayer teams surrounding the following institutions:

  1. Local government and municipalities
  2. Universities and other educational sectors
  3. Financial institutions
  4. Places where narcotics are sold
  5. The police force providing protection for these prayer teams

Partnerships between church’s and intercessors will be formed as leaders release their people to participate in these teams.


Luke 17:32 Remember Lots wife.

Genesis 19:26 But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt.

2017 is a year of going forward, gaining ground and taking hold of inheritance. As so many Fathers and mothers have passed on in 2016 the mantles of inheritance are ready to be taken up and mandates fulfilled.

However the key to breakthrough this year and successfully taking up of these mantles requires us to look forward and not behind. If we choose to look behind we will remain stagnant in our current circumstances. The Lord does not work according to our calendars and new year resolutions. He is a God of seasons and the season He has set before us is one of contending for breakthrough, walking in breakthrough, picking up mantles of those that have gone to be with the Lord. However the looking back will keep us in a stale state of complacency, apathy and slumber which will result in the enemy taking up those fallen mantles and using it for his work and glory.

Peter C Wagner was a forerunner in the Apostolic/Prophetic movement and a father to many, passed away in October 2016. One month later Fidel Castro passed away, named a father of the Communist movement. Two “fathers” two mantles that need to be taken up to continue the mission of what the Lord is wanting to do. It is a season of growing up and maturing – it requires sons to pick up these mantles and run with the mission that they were intended for.

If the church continues to stagnate by looking back with accusation and criticism – not maturing in love and unity, these mantles will be taken up by the enemy to fulfil his mission to kill, steal and destroy.

Breakthrough is our portion. Inheritance is our portion. A double portion is ours this year – Elisha contended to receive his double portion from Elijah. Elisha was positioned at the right place at the right time because he knew it was time for Elijah to die and for him to grab hold of Elijah’s mantle. Know the season, know the time, be positioned to receive a double portion, a mantle of those who have gone before because the mission set before us is great and requires the unity of the sons to advance the kingdom.

A time for intergenerational working together. A powerful anointing will come flooding when the young and old join together to release the things of God. Mary was a teenager and gave birth to Jesus – Elizabeth was older in age and gave birth to John the Baptist. With the birthing of those two men was a transformational moment that has never been seen again. It is a time for the “Mary’s and “Elizabeth’s” (this is not a gender thing and generational thing) to come together to birth the great next move of God.


2017 – What can it bring and hold for the Church of Jesus Christ and South Africa? Many would say much of the same as 2016 but God would say –

2017 is a year of overcoming the enemy, of walking in My victory, of major transition and change; a year when My people called by My name will mature into a Church that will move across this land and bring in its wake transformation, change and hope – hope that this land is crying out for but today My people I say to you, silence your tongues and come into alignment with My thinking and purpose; Silence your tongues and covenant not to go with the flow of talk around you but swim against the stream; silence your tongues and when others are sprouting out doom and gloom you align your words with My Word and speak forth life. The tide must turn, the tide must turn in the hearts of My people before it can turn in the hearts of the people of this land. My Church, My people called by My Name will be the catalyst of change that South Africa so badly needs. Today is the day of salvation so speak forth life and cease bringing about death.

As My people called by My Name come into alignment with My Word, My thoughts and design for themselves and this Nation, then says the Lord, then watch and see how My Salvation and deliverance will move across this land. My salvation and deliverance will sweep across this land, sweeping out all the old cobwebs and debris; removing what has sullied My people and House and I will bring order and correction to My house and as I do, this order and correction will spread across this nation and bring about a land of peace, and order; a land of hope and smiles; a land of courage and unity.

Do not look at today says the Lord, but look at tomorrow for as you look and see what tomorrow holds you will stand and be resolved in your spirit to align yourselves with Me and then My people, you will see an alignment coming into this land.

It is time for transition; time for My mature ones to stand up and become a voice in this nation; become a mouthpiece across the land; it is time for change and My Church is the catalyst that will bring about this change and transformation. For too long you have gone with the flow; thinking, speaking and behaving just as the world does – now it’s time to swim against the current that is flooding this nation and as you swim against it you will see the flow of the river change and what has been flooding through this nation bringing division, death and destruction will be turned around even as the flow is turned around and transformation, unity and hope will be the norm.

But My church must stand up in this day and come together as never before; My prophets, even those who have been hidden in caves are being released in this time to trumpet My Word and purpose releasing My Voice into the atmosphere and across this nation and in so doing strongholds will come down, fortified structures will crumble, kings will be dethroned and fortunes reversed.

It is time for My voice to be heard; it is time for My Word to penetrate the atmosphere and reverberate across this Nation so STAND UP prophets STAND UP, come from out of your hiding places, your caves where you have been kept for a time such as this. I have prepared you well, I have fed and sustained you well now it’s time to move out into and across this Nation in unity, with one voice and speak out, shout forth, prophesy, declare, decree and the sound of My words in your mouths will shake this Nation’s structures and I will sweep in like a flood bringing about a move of My Spirit that My Church and this land has never seen before. Your leaders will repent, hearts will be changed and yes I will bring many to their knees as My Spirit moves across this nation bringing healing, deliverance and peace.

Stand up My trumpeters, stand up and prophesy, speak out and declare for surely the day has come for change that will overcome the present day cultures that are contrary to My Word and way; trumpet from the north – victory – trumpet from the south – victory – trumpet from the East – change and trumpet from the West it is done!!

As you trumpet out My Will and Word, wave upon wave will flood My Church, bringing about change, transformation and maturity as never before. I am preparing My people for a move of My Spirit that will cover this land and what you see and experience today will be changed and My glory will be seen in this Nation. As My church moved by My Spirit mature and move in victory, it will move across this land and a Voice will arise from this nation that will penetrate the sound waves across this continent and where it is dark, light will come flooding in.

My people, it’s time to return to your first love, when your hearts were so united and aflame with love for Me. Return Oh My people to your first love so that My church will be a witness and example of My Grace and love.

Its time, its time

There is a second Pentecost coming; a time when just as in the first Pentecost everything was new, people spoke in a language they had never spoken before and they were on fire for Me and peeled out into the streets of Jerusalem and the world was turned upside down, so it will be in this second Pentecost, people will once again yield to a move of My Spirit that will fill My Church and then cover this land.

Even as with the first Pentecost where the most hardened hearts yielded to My Spirit and My Word so it will be in this Second Pentecost but it will all begin in My House and My People who will once again be set ablaze with love and by My Spirit they will step out and turn this nation upside down.

My Spirit will flood this nation and move across South African bringing many to their knees repentant and broken and then healing and deliverance will flow. Once empty churches will be filled and once again there will be heard the sound of joy in this land.


I kept seeing the number 8 in front of me. I feel the Lord is confirming His Word to other leaders that we are to prepare the church, as a whole body, an ecclesiastia, over the next 8 years. These years are crucial. The Lord is preparing and beautifying His bride for the wedding feast of the lamb.

I had a dream of the Bride of Christ where she was seated on a Rock like a mermaid and I was brushing her long hair which had become dull and matted, and as I brushed and brushed, her hair became beautiful, clean, like shining silver. This is a picture of how the Lord wants us to work with Holy Spirit to beautify her, His pure, spotless bride.

The Lord wants the Nation of South Africa dedicated to Him. The Lord wants Africa saved, and South Africa is the spearhead of that. The number 8 signifies regeneration and resurrection – of the Church and of the Nation. In this time His grace will be on the church to impact the Nation and turn the Nation of South Africa back to God. It is a very great commission for all His people. Time is short.

As a prophetic team, we have endeavored to hear from God on these aspects. However, many of these prophetic promises will not be released if we do not CONTEND in the spirit realm. The burden of prayer is apoun the church, for us to CONTEND as God begins to pour out His spirit on our land in a fresh new wave.

This is the Year of the Sword of the LORD. Opening Up Portals of Vision! This is a year the SWORD of the LORD WILL CONTEND for the WELLS of REVIVAL in the Earth! The year ahead is a year of War and Worship! This will be an incredible time of understanding the conflicts and strategies of triumph that will impact the remainder of this decade. This is a time of completing purposes and bringing them to fullness. Be one of those who attends and receives revelation that will help direct us for the next several years.

I refer to the above word by Chuck Pierce which is a direct confirmation of the word our ministry received for 2017, when we received the word CONTEND.