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Company of Prophets

You are invited to attend the launch of the Company of prophets, Gauteng.  During 2015, God spoke to Janet Brann Hollis to launch a company of prophets in SA, so as to lay a foundation for future generations. Through a series of connections and events, the first national prophetic gathering took place in September 2016.  Subsequently to this gathering, we are launching the regional  company of prophets.

The purpose of this gathering is as follows:

1. Fellowship amongst the prophets
2. Foundation laying
3. Impartation  and exposure
4. Establish unity
5. Presentation of the vision & mandate

What is the program for the gathering?

Worship, prophetic ministry in teaching and exposure to other prophets ministries, together with a question/answer session which will be part  of the program. An offering will be taken. A tuck  shop will be open for snacks etc. Please bring your own lunch for the Saturday break. Please note the details on the banner, should you have any questions do mail us. We look forward to meeting  you there, and enjoying a blessed time together.

God Bless
Janet, Anita, Andries