2018 Word Of The Lord


  1. Time of apostolic & prophetic, build relationally & not just functional – Mature wine skin Prophetic and Apostolic will begin to minister from a new platform and that of relationship.  The pattern of these last years, where both ministries have operated out of function and gifting but not out of relationship and glory. It is these two key factors (relationship and gifting) that are going to catapult the five fold ministry, leadership and church body into a new season of Glory and one of maturity. Mature wine skins will arise in this next season, ushering a greater Glory of the Kingdom of God. As we witness these two gifts working together, the rest of the five fold gifting will minister under a totally new anointing and function.

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  1. Leadership must discern times and seasons, building on an apostolic foundation, together with prophetic direction, this type of building is the most powerful in the spirit, as one is building according pattern in book of Acts. 1 Chr 12:32 – The Sons of Issachar knew how to build for the time and seasons. Building on past successes will not guarantee the ministry will be on the cutting edge and forefront of what God is doing in this last hour. Many ministries, will think they are on the forefront, but will have lost the guarantee of the Holy Spirit, and will be moving in a hyped up anointing, void of spiritual power.
  1. Get radical – greater glory signs/wonders – no more lukewarm nation – This is coming as the two foundational giftings of the church become mature and start to move into their new season.
  1. Exposure of false prophets – Mixture/ Ancestral worship – Exodus 12:24-38 – These prophets are about to be judged. Many media houses will carry reports of what is taking place in the meetings of these prophets. Many will be charged for money laundering and falsely leading people astray with their words. God is about to awaken the church to these prophets, who prophesy in his name by the Spirit of divination.
  1. Marketplace & church – finance Kingdom projects: God will bring a greater synergy between leaders of marketplace and church. We will begin to see an emergence of “APOSTOLIC BUSINESS PEOPLE”, taking their place in the house of God. Apostolic business people who hear and understand the function, and the call.  These business people will contribute millions of currency into the house of God, as they finance kingdom projects. I see church building projects being paid cash, as business people contribute. Any increase of teaching and impartation on this level will be released through leadership in the church.
  1. God is bringing together a balance of “power and fruit” in the church. We have witnessed an imbalance of too much power and not enough fruit. Those who have paid the price, and have kept their garments clean and unsoiled will be the ones who will be chosen to represent Him at the end of the age.  This will be a very exciting time as the Glory of God begins to cover the earth.

The time line of this word:  our team received this insight from beginning of November 2017, we know that the contents of this word were not influenced in anyway, but have endeavoured to give a pure word from our God!  We encourage you to test this word according to:

1 Thesalonians 5:21-23:

Quench not the Spirit. Despise not prophesyings. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

1 Corinthians 3:9:

 For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.