Breaking Free Courses

1. Receiving a Fathers love and Blessing

This course is for those who did not grow up with a loving father, those living with the “pain and void” of being fatherless . The importance of receiving a Fathers blessing and healing from resulting wounds, will be taught.  The implications of not of growing up with these two crucial factors in our lives, will uncovered. Practical ministry, reversing and releasing destinies, bringing healing and wholeness of the soul will strengthen your foundation, your trust and your faith in God .

2. Dealing with Destructive Anger

Anger is a very destructive force which negatively affects all our relationships and left unchecked will destroy our lives. Anger is a fruit of a behaviour and this course is designed to reveal the roots of anger and bring about healing of our soul and restoration in our relationships

3. Breaking curses and negative patterns or cycles

If you are  experiencing repeated patterns of destruction, accidents, sickness, deaths etc, negative patterns and cycles in your life, you could be under a curse. This course will bring revelation and ministry resulting in freedom from generational  strongholds and curses operating in your own life.

4. Freedom from the power of Fear

Fear is like an octopus and has many tentacles which the enemy uses against believers to paralyse or restrict them from receiving the blessings of God. Dealing with fears of the soul such as fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of lack,  and fear of poverty.  These fears are examples of some of the many hidden fears we have received as children growing up. This course is designed to bring revelation, healing, deliverance and freedom so as to restore one’s faith and love.

5. Foundations from Ancestral to Kingdom Culture

Many believers grow up in cultures which have foundations in cultural practices of ancestral worship.  These practices open doors in the spirit to the dark occult world. This powerful course will break the bondages of witchcraft and re-establish new foundations based on the word of God.  Believers will be  established in the culture of the Kingdom of God .