Courses Offered


How to identify God voice

This a life changing course for churches and every believer as it help individuals to identify how God is speaking to them personally. It is a practical course featuring a teaching part, followed by a practical activation, where in a very safe environment believers practice how they best hear from God. Hands on individual help is provided to get each attendee to know for certain Gods voice. This course addresses areas of modern day witchcraft and the prophetic. There are many wonderful testimonies from people who have attended this training and testify that their walk with God has taken of a new meaning and they know for sure that Jesus is alive and God wants to direct their lives. Registration is required with a course fee.


How to walk in your prophetic gift

This is a course designed to help those who have a prophetic gift to improve and grow their gift. It is a practical course featuring a teaching part and then an activation in a very safe environment. Potential prophets can practically apply their gift, helping to establish them their calling. There is practical teaching from experienced prophetic voices and personal impartation, with personal prophetic words . Any believer who is called to the prophetic must have attended Hearing from God course, as it is the entry level to prophetic ministry. Registration is required and there is a course fee.


Taking your prophetic gift to a new level

This course is designed to prepare you for a prophetic ministry and is a must course for all those to grow deeper as a potential Prophet. It is a practical course featuring a teaching part and then an activation part where in a very safe environment potential prophets can practice delivering their word. There is a higher level of activation where attendees are trained to draw on the Holy Spirit and not to rely on the natural abilities. Practical insights are given in how to deliver the word and the protocol of walking in a prophetic calling. Registration is required and there is a course fee.


fighting in the courts

Imagine you are standing before the gates of heaven, Jesus appears and opens the gates. He then takes you through the gate into a room, and to your amazement, God as judge is standing before you. You soon realise that this is a courtroom, where verdicts and judgements are being handed down. You are then seated before the judge, your enemy is also in the room. Jesus brings the case before the judge, your future, and your freedom hangs in the balance as to whether the judge will rule in your favor or not. You sit before Jesus and God the Judge of heaven and earth. You then listen to the enemies accusations. There is silence in the court, as the Judge is deliberating on your case, listening to the accusations, and your defense through the word and the blood. He then rules in favor of you and the case is dismissed. The enemy has lost his case against you, you are justified, set free and ready to pursue all that is written in the books of your life.

Purpose of the course:
To equip the believer in walking out his destiny that has been recorded and written in the books of heaven from the beginning of time. Each student is guided by the facilitators in a PERSONAL COURT SESSION. The student hears God as to the various personal issues he is facing and by prayer access’s the heavenly court. We encourage you to access the TESTIMONIES on the Ruach Ministries Facebook page…..


R600:00 – 6-week manual included.


NO FEES nightly offering

The Marketplace is a large and diverse subject and cannot be properly covered in just in short course Subjects. We will cover many subjects which will be suited for working individuals and for those leading businesses and for potential business people. .Comprehensive notes will be handed out nightly.

Course Duration: MARKETPLACE Mondays will take place every Monday from January to December and cover many subjects using a variety of anointed and experienced teachers.


Information coming soon