This Course has two parts and is designed to bring spiritual revelation to all believers in the marketplace.

A Spiritual foundation of the Christian life in the Kingdom of God

A foundational understanding of the Kingdom of God and Spiritual dimension that affects our daily lives.
Dealing with Gods plan and relationship with man and our identity.
Providing in depth perspective of man’s battle in life. Dealing with thoughts, beliefs , behaviour and spiritual blockages
A Kingdom perspective on finances and work:

Every believer in the marketplace will receive a kingdom perspective of how work is seen from of the word of God.
How God views money and how to use money in a way that will bring glory to Him.
Dealing with the Spirit of mammon and the mind-set of poverty and walk in God’s blessing.
How God has called every believer, and how to recognise and walk in their calling as a Marketplace minister, thereby fulfilling their God given destiny.
Course Duration: Two days Friday night 6.30 – 9,30 pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm (Seven full sessions)

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Teas and coffee available. Lunch on Saturday can be arranged on prior request at an additional cost .

Course Fees : R500

A life changing spiritual perspective on leading a Kingdom business and Kingdom principles:

Requirement: Must have attended “Money Marketplace and God”

This advanced course has been designed to bring revelation about leading a Kingdom business and receiving all Gods promises.
Bill will share principles he has learnt during in his 10 years of leading a Kingdom business and practical insights from many years of trials and victories in this mission.
Teaching on how God wants to set his vision and purpose to change the destiny of the business.
Revelation on how the realm of the Spirit can affect our business both positively and negatively and change to business people and help ailing businesses
How to apply the word of God when dealing with staff, marketing, finances and operations.
Through personal motivational testimonies how to believe and see God do the impossible.
Course Duration; Two days Friday night 6.30 to 9,30 pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm or (seven full sessions}

Course Fees ; TBA