God said product
God said product

God Said 2018: Prophetic Insights

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God Said 2018 is a power – packed book! It is a record of prophetic words received by various South African prophets during a time of seeking the Lord for 2018. During the last weekend of July 2017, prophets gathered together to pray for specific and accurate guidance for the individual, nations and the Body of CHRIST for the coming year. The God Said Series has proven to be a great blessing over many years to the Body of Christ as most of these words were accurately fulfilled.

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It is with great expactation and joy that we bring you “God Said 2018”! The Lord has once again been faithful in giving us great words of encouragement, wisdom and clear warnings for South Africa and the nations. Over nine years we have been gathering, we have seen the prophetic word of the Lord  accurately coming to pass and impact people. The testimonies of the words over nations have been a wonderful blessing.

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