WITCHCRAFT False Prophets and the Kingdom of God

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Journey with Prophetess Janet Brann-Hollis as she uncovers a hidden dimension of the prophetic relevant for today’s culture. As you read this book, truths about withcraft and the ungodly control aspect of the prophetic will be uncovered. Learn the subtle difference  between the false and true prophetic offices and how they function. A sense of hope and courage will rise for every believer as they understand the impact of the governmental power of prophets and apostles resulting in a realignment of the Church for this hour.

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One could think… yet another book on witchcraft? Is this topic really still relevant in today’s day and age? Is witchcraft not something out of the dark ages which does not necessitate any need for us to understand its application in today’s world? But to those who know what to look for, it becomes ever increasingly clear that it is as rife in our modern day society as it has ever been.



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