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Prophetic Pointers 2019

The supernatural power of God will be much more of a reality and the authority of the church and Kingdom of God will grow as more understanding and ruler-ship of the Kingdom is becomes visible. Judicial prayers and strategies for nations will be birthed in the hearts of those who hear “his voice”. Intense warfare against strategic strongholds over leaders, governments ministries and places of idol worship will be used to them break down and dis-empower them, realigning them to the various mandates that God has placed on them… I see much rejoicing for those who have paid the price for God ’s will to be birthed in South Africa…. I see a fresh crop of political and Christian leaders being raised. We will begin to see more church leaders taking up the mantle and becoming social activists, many will be released into Government. We will witness a change in the seats of those in the SA parliament in 2019. God is about to bring a completely new order of government in this nation.

The world will witness many floods and natural disasters in 2019. Global warming will take its toll on the earth in a BIG WAY… I see wars and the threat of war in the Gulf and Eastern block region.. of the World. Japan will be subject to another natural disaster. Many lands who speak out against Israel, will witness their economic disasters and natural disasters… Those nations that stand for Israel will witness a supernatural recognition within their the eyes of the world. Government leaders and the press will make it known, we will hear the following statements: How did these countries turn their economies around so quickly. How can we stop them from growing…

The five wise virgins will begin to hear the sound of the trumpet, as Jesus makes His coming sooner. There will be a sound released into the hearts of many of the near return of Jesus. The church will witness a new wave of revival in the unsaved coming to Christ…

This is a time for the REMNANT of the church to arise and take their place. I hear God saying: Church Arise, it is your time!!!

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