Prophetic Word 2016

Dear Leader, and Believer,

May you find grace and understanding as you read through this word, pondering it in your hearts, awaiting further revelation.  Ruach Ministries prophetic team has fasted and prayed awaiting God to speak to us for 2016.  The word has been divided into the following segments:

The church
Single people
Finance, faith and discouragement
South Africa
Food shortages
Refugee Crisis
War in the middle east
As a team, we have not taken prophetic words from other ministries, and made them our own.  These words are straight from the heart of God to our prophetic team.  We trust they will edify, exhort and strengthen you in 2016.  The word I, refers to the individual who received the specific piece of revelation.

Kind Regards




As we have spent time and reflection, the word from Haggai 2:6. Haggai speaks of the promised glory of the new house; people are His greatest and most valuable resource to establish His kingdom purposes.

Verse 4 “Be strong, O Joshua son of Jehozadak, the high priest.  Be strong, all you people of the lands, declares the Lord, and work. For I am with you declares the Lord Almighty.

God has a future hope and great plans for the church as they intentionally deal with and address these issues of hidden agendas and compromise. A need for agreement and unity of the Spirit, in the midst of the diversity will propel the church forward into the next season that lies ahead.

Haggai chapter two speaks into the building and establishment of His Church in order that our labor would not be in vain.

I see a new wineskin amongst the Leaders of the church.  God is preparing you for greater responsibility, for sanctification and holiness.  I see the scripture:  1 Thessalonians 4:4 – … One of you should know how to possess his vessel unto sanctification and honor.  There will come stricter judgment on leadership in the church in these coming days.

God is not pleased with the CELEBRITY SPIRIT, which is pervading the church at this time.  As leaders we are called as SERVANTS of the most High God, not called to parade  wealth, status and position in the Kingdom.  Greater emphasis must be on how to serve God’s people better in this time, in order that Christ would be formed in them.  Romans 1:1 – Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God.

To those who have been faithful, I see many more signs and wonders being released through the Church in this next season, as a hunger for God’s presence continues to grow.  Many will be healed in the presence of God, through the corporate anointing.


I see Jesus being enthroned in His church, and a great outpouring/revival amongst the youth, as God creates a hunger and thirst within them for something new and something real.  Leaders, begin to prepare you for this outpouring.  I see youth in their hundreds/thousands beginning to worship and praise God, as they gather together in stadiums and large corporate gatherings.  Youth leaders from around the nation will gather together as they prepare for these corporate gatherings….  Many of the elder generation will be left speechless as they witness the outworking’s of the Spirit of God  through the youth in this time.

I see a remnant of God’s people rising up, watching and waiting for the next season that He will take the church into.  They are eagerly expecting Him to move, they will be counted amongst the five wise virgins, amongst the three hundred of Gideon.  God is building His church, He is releasing a Kingdom mentality and a Kingdom mandate apoun the five fold leaders of His church.  Church will look far different in the future, as a body rises in the earth, taking on their heavenly Kingdom assignments.


The enemy is at work, breaking up the family structure.  Leaders and pastors must pay greater attention in teaching and prayer for the preservation of the family structure.  It is not God’s will that believers cohabit together, out of marriage.  This is a spirit released to weaken the institution of marriage and family structure.  God is requiring much more attention in prayer and fasting in the church in this area.  Strong families, strong churches and a strong nation.

Families are divided because of doctrine.  God is wanting you to unite, He has not formed you as a family based on doctrine.  Out of your mother’s womb, you were birthed, doctrine will always divide.  A strong ministry, a ministry that will have a voice many years into the future, is a family that is united in agreement, not based on DOCTRINE, but on family values of love, friendship, honor and wisdom.


Ruth 3:9-11 ESV

 9 He said, “Who are you?” And she answered, “I am Ruth, your servant. Spread your wings over your servant, for you are a redeemer.” 10 And he said, “May you be blessed by the Lord, my daughter. You have made this last kindness greater than the first in that you have not gone after young men, whether poor or rich. 11 And now, my daughter, do not fear. I will do for you all that you ask, for all my fellow townsmen know that you are a worthy woman.

The above word in Ruth is a very specific word for those who have been virtuous, those who have served Him faithfully.  2016 is your year, it is the year of love.  Do not get discouraged don’t let your head hang low, but lift your head up and you will witness the goodness of God in your marriage partner arriving at your door.  Keep being that chaste, virtuous man and woman of God, serving Him and building the Kingdom. God will then reward you with exceedingly more than you will have asked Him for!  I see many marriages are being released in 2016, to those who have been faithful.  God is going to surprise you, you will enjoy your reward, the covenant that you have been trusting for.  Do not be desperate, but continue to serve and build God’s house and He will build yours.


I sense that there has been a shaking and will continue to be turmoil

regarding finances and the administration of this finance. Even a lack of finances. I see such a desperation and much poverty amongst those who are not in the rooted in Kingdom principles, as this will be caused by a large financial collapse in the business world. To those who are in the Kingdom, God is saying:  Luke 18:8 ….Will I find faith on the earth before my return.  It is now the time to rise up in faith, and use the faith we have to command situations to turn.  It is this dogged, unrelenting faith that will enable the believer to rise up and overcome through the TIME OF SORROWS, that the earth is entering into.  Now is the time to use our faith. Now is the time to become financially wise, now is the time to BREAK THE CURSE/HABIT of DEBT….. Now is the time to protect yourself financially by sowing your seed to good ground, watering that seed by faith and protecting yourself and your family financially.  Pastors & Leaders must start to prepare their congregations to “GET OUT OF ALL CONSUMER DEBT”.

Those that have been financially wise and prudent in this season, they will begin to reap a great harvest…


I received Isaiah 10 regarding this season in SA and heard the Lord saying, He used Jacob Zuma as His rod of anger against a hypocritical and Godless nation. As a nation we profess to be a majority of Christians, yet countless do as he or she pleases. Corruption, murder and lawlessness are at the order of the day! Our current president is used as a rod of anger, the staff of God’s indignation and fury. There is but a small remnant seeking God and His will for this nation. The time of the remnant has come! – Supporting scripture: Isaiah 10:5-7, 31:8-9, 37:36

Isaiah 10:12-18, 2Ki 19:35-37; Isa 31:8-9;  (amplified version)

This season of judgment through JZ is running out and I see that God is going to judge the arrogant hearts of those who took and killed and destroyed without regard for another. He will send His leanness among the fat ones and devour His thorns and His briers in one day.  “I’ve said before that turnaround will come in one day, and I say it again”, says the Lord. The first turnabout came with the stepping down of Helen Zille and the rise of Mmusi Maimane, and the raising of Malema.  The next turnaround is coming and it will send waves of shock and confusion through this nation. However, the shock and confusion will soon make way for joy and elation.  “Elation in Election”, says the Lord.  Therefore, stay focused, Intercessors; stay on track, Bride of Christ; don’t stop, Remnant of God! Wait and see! Salvation is coming! The next turnaround is coming!

The local elections will see a massive drop in voting for the ruling party, we will witness a new season of political change in our country, as many coalitions are formed.  I see the ruling party who have arrogantly ruled this nation beginning to be toppled, and God’s anger toward them.  Our leaders have weakened this nation through their turning to other God’s.  God is going to deal with them, just as he did with Lucifer in Isaiah 14:11-12.

South African’s as whole are becoming more “politically conscious” in these next days, as our nation moves into a “new political dispensation”.  We will begin to see leaders arise that God has prepared in secret for these many years, leaders of his choosing, leaders that love this nation, and love its people.  Do not be surprised as completely new spectrums of political leaders arise, as God brings them to prominence in this next season.  Do not judge by the sight of your eyes, but be TUNED to my SPIRIT,  says the Lord.

Much fasting and prayer will take place in this next season, as God brings down one and raises up another.  Do not be afraid of the GOLIATH, for He has been defeated, the one who stirs up ANARCHY, for God is dealing with him and his party.

Our duty as the church is to pray for our government, and for the new season God is moving the nation into.


I see much food shortage ahead, BUT God is saying:  If farmers will begin to anoint their lands, praying the blood of Jesus, taking communion over their lands REGULARLY and begin to command the rains to come, God will arise on their behalf.  The food shortages apoun us are a result of:

The time of sorrows the world is entering into, (el Niño weather patterns)
A political/spiritual revenge attack against farm and land ownership

God is going to raise leaders in this nation who understand land acquisition and ownership, which will result in fair and equitable redistribution.


My picture that I saw was about two weeks before the so-called, refugee flood into Europe. I saw the whole globe suspended in Space and a large yellowish snake wrap itself around it, like a Boa Constrictor and it had writing all over it in Arabic. The earth shifted shape into an elongated egg then disappeared, as the snake enveloped it.

South Africa is not immune to ISIS, there will come an invasion of Isis in different forms/groupings within Africa, and SA.  We need to pray against this, as the outworking’s of this will be fear and chaos.  The church must receive a revelation of their authority and rise up above this, taking authority in the Spirit realm, therefore minimizing its effects.  I see God raising prayer cells all over this nation, to minimize the mobilization of this terror/antichrist spirit in our nation.


In the next two years, warfare in the east will begin to intensify, as we witness other Arab nations taking up arms.  Nato will be affected by this, thereby drawing Europe and America into a war that will start slowly, and will somewhat intensify through the election of the next USA President.


We ask you to pray over these words, seeking God for His wisdom and guidance in administering these words.  As the world is in the beginning of the time of sorrows, may we not be found wanting, as the earth prepares for the return of Jesus.  The content of this 2016 word, are small signs of what is ahead.  As a church may we adequately prepare ourselves.