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Prophetic Word for 2015

The word is has been divided by category: Prophet 1, Prophet 2…..  We trust it will bless you and bring exhortation, comfort and also direction for living in 2015!




I also see a much more pronounced unity between APOSTLE amid the other five fold gifting’s.  Where the church as been one dimensional in evangelism, or teaching, the most powerful movements/church’s on the earth today will be those who are five fold in their nature.  God is birthing a new recognition of the office of five fold prophetic.  Prophets will become much more pronounced and visible in their working alongside the Apostle.

The Prophets voice will become more pronounced in business, in politics, in education and generally in society, as God quickens His voice to be released in the earth today!  We will begin to hear of prophetic words, and these words will manifest very speedily.  There will come a fresh “fear of the Lord”, as the prophet speaks together with the manifestation of his words!

The Church will arise and become far more powerful in the earth, because of the Governmental aspect of the church coming into maturity.  There will come a fresh unity, a fresh trust, a mutual respect and acceptance within networks, and 5-fold ministry, a CROSS POLLINATION of gifting’s and working together for the maturity of the Body of Christ!  God is in the process of dissolving networks, and rebirthing new ones.  Many Five-fold ministries, which have functioned alone will hear the Spirit saying:  I am joining you to new networks….

We will also begin to see a release of young and vibrant leadership, names that God has kept hidden will suddenly appear on very visible platforms as our God raises and releases them.  God will be taking some of the old guard home, those who will not recognize and make room for His younger leaders of this present time and season.


A greater emphasis on the supernatural, Signs and wonders being poured out on those who are really seeking the Kingdom in a very earnest way.  There has been much pressing into the Spirit for signs, but the Lord is saying we are going to see a greater outpouring; God is rewarding those who have used their faith in these last years, for the pressing into the Spirit.  Signs and wonders, the emphasis of the Spirit will manifest with much ease as we see it becoming much more the norm in everyday life of the believer, and of the corporate body.

God is wanting to influence, and penetrate the world through Signs and Wonders, and we will continue to see a greater flow and outpouring.


Where there has been much emphasis on the need for Finance in the church, finances will begin to flow in an unprecedented manner.  God is releasing His people to new levels of stewardship, and finances will follow.  There will come less need to teach on finance, as a season of maturity arises in this area of the body.  God will open fresh revelation to the church as to a quickened financial flow in these last days.  Begin to cry out aloud for this revelation…


I see a fresh move of worship being released in the church.  I see a clamoring and thronging of people being stirred so as to worship the Lord in a new manner.  I see the Glory of God coming on the Church in a new way, I see leaders putting their sermons away, and saying:  I cannot preach today, God’s glory is too strong…   I see church’s setting aside times especially for worship, seeking for the Glory in a new way.  Great healings and manifestations of the Sprit will take place as in the book of Acts, within the context of WORSHIP.  No MAN will be able to take GOD’S GLORY!!! Get ready for some new names/priests in worship to be released, as these priests have the Heart of God for His church.


Certain segments of the church will be caught in deception, compromise and will not have a strong enough foundation to carry them through the trials that are about to come on the church!  I see massive demoniac spider webs being released into the earth, an increase in demonic activity over the earth.  This is a picture of the TREE being shaken.  The church’s root structure is being tested and only those who have built solidly on the rock will be in a place to stand the trials, thereby being purified.   I see many falling away from the faith, having no endurance because they have become offended at God, at one another and at Church Leadership.  Others will fall away because of the lust of the world, and will have a form of religion, but no power! Thereby their foundation built on their worldly values will not stand!!!

I see a picture of a VINE, some branches of grapes:  sweet, succulent, healthy and full of life.  Other branches of grapes have fallen to the ground and are rotting, have died off….

As always the church is to be discerning and to know as Issachar knew the seasons in the Spirit.

I Chronicles 12:32 – And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment


I have spent time on vocation, travelling through our country, I keep hearing the words:  REDEEM THIS LAND!!!   God is wanting South Africa back for himself!

The church has the responsibility of facilitating this directive!

If the church does not rise up and take the country back in the SPIRIT REALM first, through prayer and fasting, I see the following:

  • A massive army of red ants/berets arising – anarchy and bloodshed
  • Fear and widespread racial HATRED of the most SEVERE KIND
  • The present ANC Government not being able to contain the bloodshed.  Why would the present government not control it? This anarchy & lawlessness will have been released from the heavens first, because of the level of “blood sacrifice” that has been offered to the ancestors long in advance of these actions!
  • The plunging of the ZAR (Currency) – much investment being withdrawn from our nation
  • Famine abounding in all forms, looting and violence
  • Children turning on parents…
  • Parliament being dissolved….

2 Chronicles 7:14


1.     As the church arises and takes her place in the Spirit, I see the following:

  • A new season for SOUTH AFRICA and her PEOPLE!
  • The Apostle, the Prophet & the Politician working together as one in releasing strategy and direction for the nation!
  • 2016 – Major turnaround in the results of the 2016 elections.  Coalition parties winning control of the large metropolitan wards.  As this takes place new political coalitions will emerge which will have a MAJOR effect on the 2018 elections.

2.    A new government in power, a raising up of a leadership that has the HEART OF THE PEOPLE, and the good of this NATION!

  • A GOD FEARING PRESIDENT arising… God has PREPARED HIM in advance!
  • A SOUTH AFRICA restored in EDUCATION, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY,  – producing sons & daughters of notoreity in this nation!
  • Young and Mature, God fearing Politicians from all parties, joining together as one, for the new government!
  • A land with equal opportunities for all, built on GODLY values.
  • A land where employment opportunities abound for the YOUTH of this Nation.  God has a STRATEGY in place for our youth, yet to be revealed!
  • A nation whereby love and unity prevails amongst all people, BIND US TOGETHER AS ONE oh Lord!!!!
  • South Africa arising and being RESTORED one of the LION nations in the earth again!


Mark 11:1 for 2015.

1When they were getting near to Jerusalem, to Bethphage and Bethany at the Mount of Olives, He sent ahead two of His disciples.

Mark 11,  tells of the triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  Jerusalem means “set ye double peace”.  2015 will be a year of triumphant entry into a double portion of peace for many.

Bethphage means “house of early figs” and Bethany means “house of dates”.

Figs speak of the fruit of one’s labour, reward, expecting answers, provision and abundance.  This is going to be a year in which we see the fruit of our labour and will receive the reward thereof.  If you have laboured hard in the previous season; now is the time to receive your reward, to receive the answers to your prayers.  It is going to be a year of the abundance of God in unexpected ways.

Dates have positive effects on pregnant woman and the birthing process in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy.  It shortens the process and lessens pain.  A coating syrup can be made from dates that prevents leaking if applied to leather bags and pipes.  Many people are in a birthing process regarding their ministries, job, families, etc.  God says He will feed us dates from heaven in this season to sustain and help us in this last term of pregnancy.  The Holy Spirit will assist us and make sure nothing of the goodness of God leaks from us in this process.

Olives speak of the anointing of the Holy Spirit, a position of authority and healing.  If we position ourselves inside the anointing and the presence of God, we will see miracles and wonders happen like never before!

I heard the word “GRACE” in the heavenlies and believe that God is going to pour out His supernatural grace over situations as we position ourselves correctly.

In 2 Chronicles 20:17 the Lord tells king Jehoshaphat to do 3 things in preparation for the battle.  (He had to face a hostile multitude with worshippers singing “Praise the Lord, His mercy endures forever”)

  • Position yourself
  • Stand
  • See

17 You shall not need to fight in this battle; take your positions, stand still, and see the deliverance of the Lord [Who is] with you, O Judah and Jerusalem. Fear not nor be dismayed. Tomorrow go out against them, for the Lord is with you.

18 And Jehoshaphat bowed his head with his face to the ground, and all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem fell down before the Lord, worshiping Him.

This is a year to worship like never before.  Bow low before the King of kings, disregard self-consciousness, self-pity, anger, pride, etc. – everything that exalts itself against the true knowledge of God – and see.  See His deliverance.  See His provision.  See His salvation.  See His protection.  See His love.  See His mercy.

There is a new sound in the heaven that is just waiting for us to release it on earth.  Worship, worship, worship is your key!

I also heard the words ‘change’ and ‘shift’.  This is not just a personal word to many, but many churches and ministries will experience radical changes this year as it is being aligned with the will of God.  I see supernatural changes and a shifting in government as we keep calling out to God in this season.  This is not the time to grow weary of praying! It is the time of birthing.  I see some key figures in government moving out and making space for the anointed to step in and align SA with God in many aspects of governing.

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