The 7 Gifts For Success


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The 7 Gifts For Success In The Marketplace

Gift 1: See life from a spiritual perspective. Understand your purpose and know what you are called for: Learn how to trade fearlessly on the market square knowing that you are not alone.

Gift 2: Discernment, See with your spiritual eyes opened so that you look at your circumstances from a spiritual point of view and not just from a carnal and human perspective. Come closer to God. Come into His presence and listen to His voice…

Gift 3: Wisdom and good judgement(common sense). Learn how to make good decisions. Stay in the shadow of the Lord, where you will be safe. Learn how to trust Him and He will guide you and show the way. Stay in the Father’s tent. He will make you skilful and successful in all your ways…

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The 7 Gifts For Success In The Marketplace

To survive in the marketplace is an everyday experience for many people. Very few people experience success in all the areas of their lives. This book provides you with a step by step guide on how to be successful in the marketplace.

Martin van der Merwe