God Said 2021


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This book contains more than prophetic insight into the coming season and year, this is a call to intercession for the body of Christ to see the purposes of God fulfilled. this book will give every believer a strategic prayer guide for the coming year as well as the opportunity to prepare for what lies ahead.

Prophecies For 2021 And Beyond

Prophets Round Table September 2020

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God continues to speak by the Holy Spirit yesterday, today and beyond. Our group of prophets have realised that even though we meet in one year and hear God for the following year, these prophetic words are speaking into the future. That future extends beyond the boarders of the calendar and the words are coming to pass continually. We re-read the publications and watch the happenings in the world so that we judge our own prophetic words…

In our search for God and His word for 2021, we have entered a new and very peculiar period for the prophets. We met virtually through Zoom calls and small groups. Through all this, we sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit. Connecting via ZOOM  enabled us to bring international prophets into our group to prophesy over their resident nations.

Prophecies For 2021 And Beyond