Marketplace Testimonies


Money ,Marketplace and God

“Dear Bill,

Thank you and well done to you and Prince on an incredible, Bible-based, Jesus Christ-centered and Holy Spirit-led course.

 This course has changed my life. I will never look at money, work and business the same ever again. Thank you for using your own testimony and life experiences to help us understand relevant spiritual principles during the course. The way the course is structured is really powerful and for me, it is the epitome of what Jesus instructs us to do in Matthew 6:33. This course opened our eyes to seek FIRST kingdom principles in relation to money, work and business, whereas before, we would chase success in these areas, as a first step, without seeking to understand and obey God’s way of doing things, first.

May God continue to bless you and enable you to transform more lives through what you do.

All the best,
Tshego “

“I was introduced to this course by MCI and did not know what to expect.  As a fellow believer, I came to better understand God’s Perspective of Money, Marketplace and God.  I received a full understanding of my Ministry within the Marketplace and that Faith is the Currency of the Kingdom of God.  I’ve learnt how to Walk in the Spirit and how to Deal with “Hidden Power of the Soul”.  My highlight of the two days was learning how to Walk out my Mission and the best was the Prayer and Prophetic word I received late afternoon.  It confirmed what God has been telling me all my life.  Thank you so much!!!  My life has been enriched and blessed by this course and your style of facilitation was non-threating and accommodative.

I would recommend this course for any believer who wants to deepen his or her relationship with God.


Leading a Kingdom Business

” Dear sir Bill

We began our company in January of 2010.
The first years of doing business were extremely difficult. We had taken up shop-space in a new centre in Sandton, which was itself struggling to get off the ground.
The combination of high rental and overhead costs, constrained cashflow and low client base eventually took their toll, and I sought guidance from trusted friend and mentor Bill Hollis.
Through regular interaction with him, I received years’ worth of wisdom, insight and sound Kingdom business principles. He helped me determine solid strategic direction for the business. He stressed the importance of a God-given business vision, and we built our logo and slogans around these. He highlighted faithfulness, consistency and patience as foundations of building a sustainable business. We continue to employ the disciplines of prayer on the premises, fasting ,tithing, give as led by The Spirit of God and reaching out to our community through medical outreach.
After a while, we began to see the fruits of our labour. Cashflow improved manifold and our turnover grew by 100-300 percent.

Thank you Bill.
Prince “