The Marketplace for God


Courses offered –2017     

  1. Money ,Marketplace & God   –  Gods calling to individuals in the marketplace and a spiritual revelation of  the spiritual Kingdom of God and money. Bringing revelation of spiritual blockages that hinder our prosperity and calling– Click Here
  2. Leading a Kingdom Business – Spiritual revelation , understanding, healing and removing of spiritual blockages for leaders – Click Here

Mentoring business leaders:

  1. Prophetic insights for the business ,individual counsel and practical application of kingdom principles
  2. Weekly teaching leadership and employees on Christian values in the workplace – Click here


The Marketplace is where most people spend most of their awake hours during the week and God wants us not to see our work not just as a job but a place where he has called his children to live out their assignment for Him. Our mission is to destroy the works of the evil one by working with virtue and taking the love, presence of God and to tell people about the gospel wherever we go.


We are called to be Marketplace Minister living our lives with purpose and destiny in mind .The marketplace is the area that God has assigned us to so what we learn on Sundays can be put into action at every level in the marketplace on Mondays to Fridays


We need to use our gifting’s and anointing’s to make a difference in the lives of people who we come into contact with and reveal Christ to them through our love and character. We are called to be salt and light to the world and are carriers of the presence of God and when we enter our workplace we are able to change the spiritual atmosphere. Our calling as Marketplace Ministers is just as important to God as those who have been called to full time ministry as we can reach the lost who would never consider going to church.


We need to be working with eternity in mind and be an example to those around us displaying the fruit of the spirit, integrity, honesty and having a Godly work ethic. When we begin to see ourselves as Marketplace Ministers on an assignment for God, work will take on a new meaning,”


We need revelation and understanding of the impact that the spiritual realm has on business and gaining the tools to deal with this important dimension of running a Kingdom business. Having a Kingdom purpose and vision for our business that would bring God glory and extend the influence of the Kingdom.

After revelation our declaration will be “THANK GOD IT IS MONDAY” as we live out our God given assignment with purpose.