2017 Word of the Lord

Our team of prophets began seeking the Lord in November of 2016 as to what His word is for the current year. Due to the content submitted we have chosen to divide the word into two categories, which are as follows:

  • The Body of Christ, the Church
  • South Africa as our Nation

We received the word CONTEND which forms the basis of our word. The Body of Christ and the Nation is in a place where we are going to have to contend for our faith on all frontiers.


            A. THE CHURCH

2017 is a year where the Body of Christ is going to have to CONTEND and war in the spirit for their spiritual walk, alignment and mantle. The body is in a place where those that have not built their house on the rock will continue to yield to the lukewarm / compromising spirit. Therefore the division between the wheat and the tares will become more visible.

Those that have built upon a righteous foundation and have sought for the rulership of the Kingdom of God, those that have prepared their hearts in this day will be the one’s who will encounter a new release of the Holy Spirit. New mandates and assignments will be released upon the body, individually and corporately.