To view Ruach TV you need to create an account

  1. You have two options when you have created your account, free version (which is automatically created on signup) and then the paid version
  2. Free version will allow you to stream free videos and previews.
  3. Paid version will give you access to all the videos to stream.
  4. Paid subscription will be billed on the day you start on a monthly basis from that date, example if you start the subscription the 15th of the month your billing will continue every month on the 15th.
  5. To upgrade to the pay you must click on the link upgrade now under the Ruach TV menu.
  6. To cancel your subscription click Cancel Subscription under the Ruach TV. Please you will be redirected to payfast where you must  complete the process. Cancelation will be immediate.
  7. You can download and buy our videos individually using from our  online store.