Navigating the rapids and the waves of Life


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10 Lessons for Managing Emotions for Success!

Our emotions influence our responses and subsequent reactions to change or to life’s experiences. For a lot of us, our formal and informal education systems did not provide the skills to navigate the changes we encounter in life. The good thing though is that we can still learn it along the way, at whatever stage we are in life… Explore the key lessons that the author learnt in this book.

Mavis Mazhura



Navigating the Rapids and the Waves of Life

This may be our first meeting, or we may have met at one of training seminars over the years. As speaker, teacher, trainer, coach and business owner, i have worked with hundreds of people helping them to reach their full potential in work performance, relationships, finances, mental and spiritual well being. Stay tuned, be open-minded as you go through the book and do your best to go all the activities. Take time to reflect and practice using the tools and techniques in this book and i promise you will find it worthwhile…

By Mavis Mazhura