Christianity and the Veneration of Ancestors


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Christianity and the Veneration of Ancestors – Should a Christian consult the dead?

This is a book that should be read by every christian who resides in the continent of Africa. The reason for this is because the practice of venerating the dead affects everyone in Africa, whether they are participants or observers of this practice. In this landmark publication Afrika Mhlophe dares to speak openly about the issue ancestral veneration in the greater African Context. He discusses not only the theological aspects that relate to the veneration of the dead but also sociological and practical issues that are impacted by this practice.

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Christianity and the Veneration of Ancestors – Should a Christian consult the dead?


Like all cultures, African cultures are beautiful when they are untainted by the selfishness of fallen humanity. Some aspects of African Cultures, however, need to be redeemed, to be submitted to the loving authority of God, the creator and redeemer of humankind… the test of whether a culture is fulfilling God’s purpose and reflecting God’s beauty is whether it matches up with God’s word – the bible. I commend this book as a light to our path and guide to our minds as we seek to understand the truth about ancestor worship, sacrifices and the role of elders in African cultures.

by FLOYD McClung


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